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All our videos are FREE to watch at your convenience online.

Click here to watch free election energy issues debate videos from our Sunday, October 26, 2008 Election Enbergy Issues Meeting "Discussion and Debate on Proposition 7 and Measure H to Set Renewable Energy Deadlines in California & Create a Mechanism For a Public Utility in San Francisco".  Speakers include SF Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, Hunter Stern, Leslie Katz and John Rizzo.

Listen to or download an overview of Royal Rife and the current Rife Defense activist efforts as of August 2003.

Watch or download  a public hearing on February 28, 2003 by San Francisco's Local Agency Formation Commission featuring a presentation by Peter O'Donnell, Joseph Neil and others about the Hydro Venturi San Francisco bay tidal power plant proposal.  This video is 2 hours and 22 minutes long.

Watch or download former U.N. Chief Weapons Inspecotr, Scott Ritter, in his January 13, 2003 presentation on "War. Why Now ! What You Don't Know".

Watch the September 7, 2002 75th anniversary celebration of the first electronic television transmission ever made.  The celebration took place at 202 Green Street in San Francisco, the former site of Philo T. Farnsworth's 1927 laboratory where modern television was born.  See our September 2002 newsletter for details.

Watch the Green Street Video or DOWNLOAD it.

Listen to or DOWNLOAD  -  Paul Schatzkin's phone interview at the San Francisco Tesla Society about Philo Farnsworth and his Fusor, recorded September 8, 2002.

Watch or download a raw unedited demonstration of the Pap Ion Magnetic Inductor (Papimi) that w featured in our October 13, 2002 meeting.

Watch the Death of a Microbe via a Rife/Bare 40 watt phanatron tube pulsating at the microbes resonant frequency.    You'll find the video in our June 9, 2002 newsletter.

Watch or download Roulette W. Smith's January 2002 presenation on the Biogenesis and Development of Terrrorism.

Watch or download Charles Ostman's Novemher 2001 presentation, "Approaching the Evolutionary Event Horizon".

Watch or download a Solar Technology Video - with Terry Andre, recorded  October 14, 2001 at the San Francisco Tesla Society.  Terry discusses  current solar power technology available for homeowners and businesses.

Watch or download Carl Weinberg's June 2001 presentation about Renewable Energy & California.

assembly_arm_md_whtROBOTIC_arm_MOV_GIF.gif (8898 bytes) More videos of past presentations will be added soon.

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